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A tattooed hand with long nails and rings, and a tattooed shoulder.

Our FAQs

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FOLX Health

Dec 5, 2020

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How does FOLX work?

The process is simple. You pick the medications you want, we gather key information from you, we set you up with a healthcare provider if needed, and then we get your prescription prepped to be sent off to you.

To ensure your safety and security, you’ll need to provide a government issued photo ID and credit card, so our clinicians know who they are treating. We take the privacy and security of your information very seriously, and the information you submit is encrypted within our secure, HIPAA compliant platform.

What services are available in a FOLX HRT membership?

Your monthly FOLX HRT membership subscription will include:

  • Medications shipped directly to your address
  • Supplies for any medications shipped to you, including needles, syringes, alcohol swabs, sharps container, etc.
  • Lab work in an at-home kit sent directly to you, or at your nearest Quest Diagnostics
  • Expert 1-on-1 telehealth visits with our trans-centric clinicians
  • Unlimited messaging with your care team
  • Prescription refill & lab reminders
  • Letters for document name change & surgery
  • Easily add-on any other FOLX products in the future

What prescription products/medications does FOLX provide?

FOLX offers estrogen and testosterone hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and erectile dysfunction treatment. We will soon be expanding our services to include STI testing and treatment, PrEP, treatment of skin issues and/or hair loss that can be a side effect of hormone therapy, and more soon.

How much does a FOLX HRT membership cost?

FOLX HRT memberships vary depending on the plan you fall under, your prescription, and any other add-on products. Explore testosterone plans here, and estrogen plans here.

Do I need an ID to use FOLX?

Yes. We require a photo ID such as driver's license, state ID card, or passport to verify who you are via photo, and to verify you're over 18 via birthdate. And to be clear, we do NOT need to verify your address through your photo ID!

When will FOLX be available in my state? 

Our homepage lists thee states we are currently live in. We are working on expanding to all 50 states very soon. Sign up for our mailing list to get a heads up when we get to your state.

How do I get started with FOLX? 

Head over to our product pages to explore what comes in our different memberships, and then select what suits you best. After those selections, you'll give us some necessary health information, we'll set you up with a clinician if necessary, and then we'll get prescriptions off to you. Easy as that.

What kinds of questions will FOLX ask to get started and why?

We'll need to know your age, gender, medical history, any existing medications you're taking or are allergic to, and your current anatomy. Knowing about your body now helps us make sure we can safely prescribe you any of our medications.

If I'm under 18 and get my parent's or guardian's permission, can I use FOLX?

Unfortunately we are not yet able to offer clinical care to people under 18. However we invite you to keep in touch over email and social, and read up on helpful information in The Library in between now and that birthday.

How does FOLX ensure security and privacy? 

FOLX treats security and privacy as its first priority. Your health information is always encrypted, whether it is “at rest” in our secure data center, or “in flight” between FOLX and your web browser. Only authorized personnel are ever able to access your confidential data, and only do so when it is essential to delivering you the best possible service.

What is FOLX's cancellation policy?

If you cancel your FOLX subscription before your first prescription is processed you will receive a full refund.

If you have already received a 3-month supply of medication, you will be required to pay for the full 3 months , but can cancel before the next 3-month refill is processed. If you choose to cancel your FOLX subscription after you receive your 3-month supply, you will continue to have access to clinical care for the duration of your subscription. Partial refunds are not provided.

If you’d like to cancel your FOLX subscription please contact us at

How do I cancel my FOLX membership?

In order to cancel your membership, please reach out to to initiate cancellation. Someone from the member support will confirm your current prescription & payment status (ex. Have you paid for 2 of 3 months worth of a refill). Our team will alert you to any remaining payments, and then cancel your subscription and email to confirm cancellation within 48 hours of your request.

Can I pause my HRT plan subscription?

FOLX ships HRT prescriptions in three month supplies, and we bill monthly in order to break up the cost of care and medication into monthly payments, rather than all three months at once.

This means we're able to pause your subscription once you've paid the three months worth of charges for any order you've received (before your next refill). If you've got any questions about continuing or pausing your subscription, please contact us at



Does FOLX accept insurance?

Currently we do not accept insurance. It is important to us that you are the one in control of your health care and know the exact costs. However, if you are on an insurance plan with an HSA/FSA, you can use that to pay through FOLX. You can read more about our approach to pricing here.

Does FOLX accept Medicaid or Medicare?

Currently we do not accept Medicaid or Medicare to cover the cost of our services. It is important to us that you are the one in control of your health care. While we don't offer financial support at the moment it is something we are actively working on offering folx. You can, however, use Medicaid or Medicare to cover the cost of your eligible prescriptions at your local pharmacy and the cost of your labs at Quest.

Can I use my HSA/FSA for FOLX?

Yes, you can use your HSA/FSA to pay for your medications through FOLX.

What if my legal name is different than my name listed on my insurance card?

If your legal name is different than the name on your insurance, then there is a chance your insurance may reject coverage for your prescription. If you need help to get all of your IDs reflective of your real name, we can direct you to resources to get it all sorted!



How do labs work with a FOLX subscription (states other than ND, NJ, NY, SD, or RI)?

For most states, we will send your labs to a local Quest Diagnostics location (for ND, NJ, NY, SD, RI see below). Our partnership with Quest allows us to charge a consistent price for labs which is part of your monthly membership fee. Once your clinician orders a lab for you, Quest will be able to pull them up by with your ID at any location in your state.  You can find your nearest Quest location and schedule an appointment hereJust click “All other tests” when it asks what test you would like to schedule.

If you’d like to see what labs have been ordered or you want to provide Quest with a copy of the lab orders you can access them from the patient portal by:

  1. Clicking “My Health”
  2. Followed by “Health Reminders”

How do labs work with a FOLX subscription for ND, NJ, NY, SD, or RI?

For members of NJ, NY, or RI, by state law we aren't able to pay on your behalf so you'll have to pay out of pocket when you go to the lab location of your choice. A discount will automatically be applied to your account as long as you're a member in one of these states for the cost of labs. We will still send your orders to Quest Diagnostics, unless you have a different lab location you prefer us to use. Simply tell your clinician during one of your visits or send them a message in the Athena portal.

For members in ND or SD, there aren't any Quest Diagnostics locations for us in your states, so you'll need to find a lab location that is within your price range and that you can travel to. If you need help finding a lab, reach out to our team at and one of our Member Navigators will be happy to work with you to find the right location.

How much do labs cost?

The cost of labs vary depending on the type and number of labs being run. If you choose to have labs sent to your door. You can find more on the lab add-on section of the product pages.

What if my name on my insurance card is different than the name on my ID for in-person labs?

We are required to order labs with the name on your legal photo ID (ex. driver's license). 

What name will my lab test be under if I go in person?

We are required to order labs with the name on your legal photo ID (ex. driver's license).

How do I access my lab orders?

Here's how you can access your lab orders in your patient portal:

The labs should be accessible there, however you may need to click the "print" button to pull them up completely. If you are accessing the patient portal from a mobile device please be sure to click "full version of site" at the bottom of the screen. 



Is there any difference between prescriptions I get at a pharmacy and the ones provided by FOLX?

The medications you get delivered to your home are the same as you would get from the pharmacy. FOLX contracts with a pharmacy that sends the medications directly to a member's home in a beautifully branded, discrete packaging.

Is the cost of medication included in a FOLX HRT membership fee?

The cost the most common HRT prescriptions -- estradiol pills & injectable testosterone cypionate -- are included in a FOLX HRT membership fee. Different routes of estrogen or testosterone, and other additional medications are available, and price varies. 

What if I already have a prescription and want to switch over to FOLX?

We're happy to help with that! If we carry your medication, you can easily switch over to FOLX. Select what you need in the product page you need, follow the steps, and you'll be good to go.

If I choose to pick up my prescription at a pharmacy, what name will the prescription be under?

We are required to send your prescription to the pharmacy with the name on your legal photo ID (ex. driver's license).

What happens if the name on my insurance is different than the name on my ID if I choose to pick up at the pharmacy?

We are required to send your prescription to the pharmacy with the name on your legal photo ID (ex. driver's license).

Are injection supplies like needles included with my injectable estrogen or testosterone?

Yes! Along with the medication itself, every injectable HRT kit & refill is shipped with three months worth of injectable supplies:

  • Syringes
  • Draw-up needles
  • Injection needles
  • Gauze pads
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Band-aids
  • Sharps container

Can I return my medication?

No. By law, we cannot accept returns of prescription medications for reuse or resale. However, if you feel there is an error in how your prescription was filled, please contact us at with details.



What services are included in a FOLX HRT membership?

Every FOLX HRT membership subscription includes:

  • Expert 1-on-1 telehealth visits
  • Medications & supplies shipped straight to your door
  • Unlimited messaging with your care team
  • Option to add at-home lab kits
  • Automated prescription refill & lab reminders
  • Easily add additional FOLX products to plan
  • No insurance necessary, priced like a co-pay
  • Letters for document name change
  • HSA/FSA eligible

Do I need to be a FOLX member to see a clinician?

Yes. FOLX members have access to dedicated, unhurried appointment time with one of our clinicians.

How do I see a FOLX clinician?

All of our clinician appointments are currently through telehealth visit through a secure, encrypted platform. However, to see a FOLX clinician, you must be a FOLX member.

Does FOLX provide mental health services? 

We do not offer mental health services. YET. And we are happy to share our FOLX-approved referral list with you to help you find an inclusive mental health provider sooner, rather than later.

Does FOLX provide surgery?

We do not provide surgery, but we are happy to provide you with our FOLX-approved referral list of surgeons and a letter of support for surgery from one of our clinicians.

Can FOLX be my primary care provider? 

We would love to, unfortunately FOLX does not currently provide primary care services.

Does FOLX provide letters for gender affirming surgeries?

For FOLX members, your clinician is able to provide a letter that can possibly help with insurance coverage. We are not yet able to provide mental health letters, but as we expand into mental healthcare we will be able to offer this as well. Please contact member support if you have further questions.

Does FOLX provide letters for gender marker or name change?

Letters are included in FOLX memberships. Just contact your provider through secure messaging portal, and they'll be happy to help you out.

What if I am having an emergency? 

Please call 911 or visit your nearest emergency room if you are experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency. For FOLX members with non-emergency concerns you would like to discuss with your clinician you can reach out to them through secure messaging.

How do I contact my provider?

You can contact your provider by sending them a secure message through your patient portal which can be accessed through this link.

I am cisgender* -- can I get testosterone through FOLX?

Our priority is to serve people looking for gender affirming hormone therapy services - thus, we do not currently serve cisgender patients who are seeking out treatment for low testosterone.

*Cisgender - your gender matches the sex assigned to you at birth, e.g. you were assigned male at birth and you identify as male.

I am cisgender* -- can I get estrogen through FOLX?

Our priority is to serve people looking for gender affirming hormone therapy services - thus, we do not currently serve cisgender patients who are seeking out estrogen treatments.

*Cisgender - your gender matches the sex assigned to you at birth, e.g. you were assigned female at birth and you identify as female.



How long will it take to get my prescriptions?

FOLX prescriptions are filled by a partner pharmacy and shipped by USPS or FedEx. With filling prescriptions and shipping, most FOLX prescriptions should arrive via USPS First Class in 5-7 business days.

Because testosterone is considered a controlled substance (schedule II or III depending on state), by law it requires a signature upon receipt and will be sent via FedEx. If you are receiving a testosterone prescription, it will arrive in 3-7 business days via FedEx Ground.

Are prescriptions shipped discretely?

Yes! Your prescriptions will be shipped to you in shipper box with the FOLX logo and shipping label on it (nothing indicating the contents of the package).

Can I choose the name that will be printed on the shipping label?

Yes! You can choose exactly how you want the name to appear on the shipping label as you checkout.

Do I need to sign for my prescription delivery?

For members receiving packaging with Testosterone, yes. It is required by law that a signature be obtained at delivery when shipping controlled substances.

What if I don't want to ship my prescriptions to where I live?

As long as the other address is still in the same state in which you reside, this shouldn't be a problem. If it's not within the same state, please contact us at and we'll help you out. Just let us know where you want your prescriptions to be shipped and that's where we'll send them. Depending on what prescriptions you're getting, however, we may need your signature.

What if I want to pick my prescription up at the pharmacy?

FOLX has pre-negotiated rates for our prescription products with our mail-order pharmacy vendor, and therefore can't guarantee the final price you'll need to pay if you pick up at a pharmacy. We believe the convenience of set prices and direct-to-your-door shipping come at the highest value. If you have an HSA/FSA account through your insurance, you can use that you pay for FOLX.

If you would like to request a prescription be sent to your local pharmacy, please just let our member services team or your clinician know.

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