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January Queer Horoscopes 2022: Capricorn Season

Astrology is real. 2022 is upon us. Read your horoscope to learn how to supercharge your Capricorn season.

A group of twelve bodies, all representative of the zodiac signs, depicted with multiple bodies and colors.

Hi star babes. What a wrap to a FULL year. We had the highest of highs and some pretty big lows, but if you’re reading this, then you made it out intact and hopefully stronger, hotter, and more aligned with where you want to go. Capricorn season is here. That means boundaries, structures, Be Your Own Daddy energy, and yup, you guessed it, work, work, work, work, work, work. Coming off the high of a powerful new moon in Capricorn boosted by those New Year’s Resolutions, hopefully you got a double-dose of what is going to be best for you for the next 12-months. This might have come in the form of a new opportunity, a challenging set of circumstances, or simply a moment of stillness to tap in with your higher self. 

With Venus retrograde until January 29th, we’re still sorting through the muck of our relationships. Reviewing, renewing, re-considering the agreements, limits, and dynamics that rule our romantic and intimate realms of our lives. We’ve got a Mercury Retrograde on the horizon January 14th which will spin with us all the way into early February. Keep your eyes on January 17th and don't be surprised when the floodgates open with a full moon in Cancer. The oppositional energy between the “business as usual” approach of Capricorn szn and the “crying is my love language” vibes of a Cancer full moon is sure to break open whatever emotions are being repressed or neglected during this time. Hold onto your heart and let’s get started on this wild ride of 2022, darlings.

Pro-tip: read your rising sign first, then your sun sign, then (of course) your crush’s sign, in that exact order.



It’s hard for you to slow down. The fire-starter of the zodiac, the headstrong ram, always moving, always breaking down doors, all heat, fire, kinetic energy. But it’s not always that easy. Sometimes, life happens. And life isn’t always a river raging forward. It’s full of eddies along the banks, stagnant pockets of swirling water, defying forward momentum. You are used to knowing exactly what you want and going after it. But what you want is shifting, something is maturing inside of you. Face it, you’re changing and these things take time. You might not know which way to go, but January is a powerful time. Your job right now is to become comfortable with the process. Allow things to change inside you, exercise patience, and don’t rush it. Keep your fingers on the pulse of where you are headed when life feels like it’s moving backwards. You will find the answers when you stop looking so hard for them.



This last year, you made a big decision. You were no longer willing to be in the passenger seat of your own life, to watch life happen to you, like a slow-motion car crash. Like an alchemist, you transformed the elements inside of you, poured water on fire, to create something solid this year. And the award for most evolved goes to you. Now that it’s January, it feels like boom. New year, new queer, nothing can stop you. You’re in an activated state. But your job now is to stay rooted and grounded in your higher purpose. You’ve spent the last 12 months refusing to be a victim of your own circumstances, so now is not the time to blow off steam, perform happiness, or let your ego lead the way. Move from a place of deep faith in yourself, trust your mistakes, and the rest will follow.



What is your body telling you right now? There is something deep moving through you that you can’t quite place. Something emotional, something ancient, something a bit tectonic. The word for this (for this particular mashed up cocktail of feelings) is transformation. Avoiding it won’t make it go away. Refusing to look doesn’t mean it’s won't still be there. Your shadow follows you wherever you go. Pushing your emotions down only gives them more power to become volcanic. The only way out is through. You are aware of your patterns, but now they are showing up in new ways. You are getting a chance at the start of this year to get right with yourself—to clear the ways that others have hurt you and the ways that you have hurt yourself. Transformation is never easy. When a snake sheds its skin, it hurts. But there is new life underneath the rubble. Trust the reckoning and what is on the other side.



You are not your emotions. You are not your relationships. You have had some cosmic help in the last year to untangle yourself from others, from the sticky space where connection becomes codependency. Caretaking is not the same as care, and this is a lesson you will stand to learn again and again. Care is tricky. It doesn’t always feel caring. Sometimes the most caring thing you can do is say no to someone. An honest ‘no’ is as healthy to our relationships as an enthusiastic ‘yes.’ You always want to hold others, to make space for them, to make it better, and maintain closeness and comfort. But without honesty, there is no care. When we get pulled out of ourselves for the sake of someone else, we lose track of what belongs to who. Your job is to own your 50% of every relationship, 100% of the time, and give others the dignity to do the same.



Sometimes we can’t escape the hustle. You’ve got a lot on your plate. There are times when it feels like a million things are happening, like you’re juggling a load of fruit and someone keeps throwing more and more your way. The grind can feel endless. On one hand, it's good to be so productive, but also that kind of spiritual exhaustion takes a toll. Whether it’s health or work or the body or the drama in our relationships, it can be hard to hold it all, like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Conserve energy in small bursts where you can. Learn to carve out moments to yourself. 2022 is all about sustainability. Take time to show up for yourself through the grind. Take care of your health on every level imaginable— mental, spiritual, physical, relational. We can’t control what gets thrown at us, but we can always put down what we don’t need to carry.



If there is one thing you know how to do, it is to work hard. You know how to get the work done— for your relationships, your job, yourself. But one thing you can work harder on is learning how to relax. To let go. To let the current of life pull you in a certain direction without swimming, flailing, or fighting against the oncoming tide. You have an incredible capacity to show up, to put in the effort, to stay the course. But it takes an equal amount of practice and skill to stop trying to fix or control things, to let the direction of your life change and change again, and for you to change with it. Maybe you’ll get to where you’re going not by trying more, but by trying less. Let yourself fuck up, let other people fuck up, lean into the messiness, the passion, the grief, the play. You might be surprised at what you find.



Everything must end. Sometimes we replay things over and over again in our heads, hoping for a different ending or wishing we could press pause and just stay there forever. You’ve been challenged this year, to say the least. There have been dark moments, and you might still be in one right now, or right on the other side of it. Change can be hard for you. It’s hard to know which direction to move, how to go it alone, how to stand up for yourself and stand in your power. Especially if it will upset the balance or relational harmony that you work so hard to preserve. But everything must end. Old ways of doing things, relationships that once held such life, such force, old dynamics that are no longer working. This is your year to figure out what you must release, what you must hold onto, and how to take care of your heart throughout it. You can do this. Remember that.



There is a lot going on for you right now Scorpio. Your mind is full, and it can feel pretty intense. The new year can bring expectations, realizations, clarification on where you are now and where you want to be. There is so much noise in our heads, deafening sounds that we have to work hard to block out. You know, the voices that tell us stories. Stories about our worth, about other people, about the future and the past. You are working through some thought patterns right now. But sometimes it’s not that deep. Find the line between introspection and obsession. Realize when a story is just a story. What other people think about you is actually none of your business. How other people feel about you is actually none of your business. Your business is to figure out how you feel and what you think about yourself. Let other people have their own reality and you have yours.



What if I told you there was no lack? What if everything you ever desired was right in front of you? What dreams of yours would come true? What kind of future would you want for yourself? There can be power in these types of visualizations. You are getting clear and intentional about what you want from your life, from your relationships, from your work. But what are you holding back from believing in because it feels too impossible, too out of reach? Shit is hard and heavy in the world, but how we respond to that hardness and heaviness also creates the world we live in. Gratitude lists work for a reason. They give us a beacon of light to hold onto as we forage through the darkness of our days, a torch to light the way. Practice finding the good in every day. Dream abundantly. Watch your world transform.



It is not easy for you to fail. You, the wearer of many hats, the writer of many scripts, the mover of mountains, can have a hard time with failure. But failure brings gifts in the form of lessons, and you’ve learned a few of those this year. You get the chance right now to look over the past 12 months and figure out what worked and what didn’t. You’ve learned from the pivots, the shifts, the reckonings. The moments when you got real with yourself about what you wanted, what mattered, and who you thought you were. The expectations you set for yourself are high, but you are learning to let go of the benchmarks and lean into forgiveness. To be with a softer, realer, more human version of yourself. Sometimes you have to be okay with failure. Be brave enough to learn from it. You are ready to be with yourself in a new way. Trust the fall. Something will catch you.



It’s time for you to get free. Free from the baggage that has been weighing you down. Free from all that old shit that has been holding you back. Free from whoever you have allowed to define your truth and reality. There is a clear blue light of a new day ahead for you. You are stepping into your power, and that is a scary thing. Some people are not going to like it. But you are looking for relationships that are authentic, courageous, and allow you to show up fully as yourself. You are done compromising your truth to protect other people’s hurt feelings. This newfound way of being with yourself can be scary and deep. You are on the precipice of something new, something you’ve never done before. Go inward. You’ve been waiting for this moment your whole life.



Look at what you have done this past year. Really look. Through all of the ups and downs you have come into amore genuine relationship with yourself. You are realizing your resilience, your potential, and everything that you want to cultivate and grow. These things take time. No one gets to where they are going through one single action. It takes small, daily commitments to yourself and your path. You are opening up in a new way, clearing space in your life for what you actually want and need. Learn from the past, expect more from your future, and stay in the present moment as much as you can. Don’t let life slip away from you, treasure it, with every ounce of your being. Recommit to the future you deserve to have. Take time to be with yourself and the people you love. Show up.