Expert led course: Fertility & Family Building

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Course Features

LGBTQ+ expert instructor

Community-centered content tailored to the specific fertility needs and goals of LGBTQ+ people.

Private group

Build community with others on a similar journey. Share resources, ask questions, and learn together.

Additional resources

Partner discounts, care navigation, access to our referral network, and more.

Your instructor

Kate Steinle

she/her MSN, WHNP-BC

Kate is a Nurse Practitioner and Chief Clinical Officer at FOLX who has been working in sexual and reproductive health with a focus on the LGBTQ+ community for over 10 years. Through an independent practice for the past eight years, Kate has led hundreds of queer, trans, and single people through the preconception and conception process, as well as provided at-home inseminations for many of her clients. Kate has deep connections to the LGBTQ+ fertility community and will be bringing in guests to speak during the course.

Kate Steinle, FOLX Chief Clinical Officer

Topics we can help with


Creating and carrying a pregnancy



  • In the course, we will walk you through all of the details surrounding conception (how to read your body's signals, how to figure out timing of ovulation, how to navigate a fertility clinic, etc.) but our FOLX clinicians will not be the ones doing the actual procedure (IUI, IVF, etc.). We will be able to refer you to an affirming partner to help with the actual process.

  • Yes! We can refer you to an affirming partner provider who will be able to perform any procedures you need including IUI, IVF, sperm washing and insemination.

  • Yes, we will provide you a list of recommended sperm banks and walk you through the process of choosing a sperm donor, how many vials to purchase, how to order/ship, etc.

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